In days of yore the role of the Chieftain was to care for the welfare of the Clan in times of war and of peace. Indeed the Chieftain was required in every way to act as the head of a family for in fact the word “Clan” in Gaelic actually means “children”. Fast forward to the present day and every Highland Games has its Chieftain whose job it is to be the ceremonial face of the whole occasion. The Chieftain must be on hand to welcome important guests and to present the prizes to those who have been successful in the competitions. Most importantly, the Chieftain must preside over the opening and closing ceremonies and as such will be seen at the head of the Grand Parade of Pipes and Drums as it proceeds around the field to mark the official opening of the Games. Likewise at the end of the day as the Games flag is lowered and the pipes play to mark the end of another successful day, the Chieftain’s presence is required.

Given the importance of the role, it is a great honour to be chosen by a community to be Chieftain of the Highland Games.