Local Events

Local Events start at 11.00am on the track and field, following the Loch Ness Pipes and Drums and local organisations parade.

Anyone who was born or resident (for more than 1 year) in the geographic areas of Abertaff, Glenmoriston, Glenurquhart, Kiltarlity, Kilmorak, Abriachan, Strathglass and Kirkhill is entitled to take part in the local events.  In addition, any child under the age of 16, who attends a school within these areas is entitled to compete in a local competition.

During the morning, junior visitor events will also be held for youngsters who wish to take part but are not eligible to compete in the “local events”.  Any adult who is not “local” can take part in the “Open” afternoon competitions and should enter at the Secretary’s tent on the day.

Local Events

Athletes wishing to enter Over 16, U16 and U12 – pre-registration required or at the Secretary’s Tent on the day between 10:00 -10:30 on Games day.

ATHLETICS – 16 YEARS & OVER (LOCAL) Born before 31/08/03
4. Putting the Shot
5. Throwing the Hammer
6. Weight for Distance
6a. 56lb Weight over bar
7. Tossing the Caber
8. 100 Metres Sprint
9. 200 Metres Sprint
10. 800 Metres
11. Long Jump

BOYS & GIRLS UNDER 16 YRS (LOCAL) Born 01/09/03 – 31/08/07
12. 100 Metres
13. High Jump (Girls)
14. Long Jump (Boys)
15. 800 Metres
16. High Jump (Boys)
17. Long Jump (Girls)
18. Relay (Mixed teams)

BOYS & GIRLS UNDER 12 YRS (LOCAL) Born 01/09/07 – 31/08/11
19. 100 Metres
20. High Jump (Girls)
21. Long Jump (Boys)
22. 150 Metres
23. High Jump (Boys)
24. Long Jump (Girls)
25. Relay (Mixed Teams)

26. 80 Metres
27. Bean Bag Race
28. Obstacle Race

29. Visitors Race (to be decided on the day)

Local Events – Entry Form