Track & Field Events


These events draw a large number of spectators to the main arena.


30. 100 Metres Men’s (Handicap)
31. 100 Metres Ladies (Handicap)
32. 100 Metres Under 15 Boys (Handicap)
33. 100 Metres Under 15 Girls (Handicap)
34. Long Jump Men Open
35. High Jump Ladies
36. 1500 Metres Men’s
37. 1500 Metres Ladies
38. 800 Metres Boys Under 15 (Handicap)
39. 800 Metres Girls Under 15 (Handicap)
40. Tug of War
41. 400 Metres Men’s
42. 400 Metres Ladies
43. High Jump Men’s Open
44. Long Jump Ladies
45. Hill Race
46. 200 Metres Men’s Open (Handicap)
47. 200 Metres Ladies (Handicap)
48. 200 Metres Under 15 Boys (Handicap)
49. 200 Metres Under 15 Girls (Handicap)
50. Triple Jump Men’s
51. 800 Metres Men’s (Handicap)
52. 800 Metres Ladies (Handicap)
53. Mixed Relays
54. Mixed Relays Under 15
55. AULD SCOTTISH RACE 1 Lap (Must be in a KILT) Handicap applied on the day

Events are held under a Scottish Athletics Permit for Athletics and Scottish Highland Games Association Rules as appropriate.

Open Events – Entry Form

Entries on the day will not receive a handicap for handicap events and will be required to run from scratch.

Sponsored by: Nodram

Conditions of Entry:
1. All entries must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.
2. On the day entries will not receive a handicap for handicap events and will be required to run from scratch.
3. Under 15 Boys & Girls are not permitted to compete in OPEN events.
4. All Hill Race competitors must be 16 years and over.
5. All entries to Secretary by Friday 16th August 2019 @ Secretary, Dalmeny, East Lewiston, Drumnadrochit, IV63 6UJ.
6. Competitors must declare their intentions to compete prior to competition.
7. Competitors must wear an official race number.
8. If insufficient numbers enter an event the Committee reserve the right to cancel the event.
9. British Heavyweight Championship – qualifying throws for this event will be at the discretion of the Judges.
10. When not in competition – in the interests of safety and health – all competitors must remain in the designated areas.
11. The Judges’ decision shall be final.